Tomorrow is the last day of spirit week and therefore our last chance to earn honor for Team Excellence!  The theme is “twins” so I hope you’ve chosen a buddy to pair up with.  If you haven’t, here’s what I’m going to wear: a shortsleeve black dress with boldly colored tights and cute shoes.  If you don’t have a partner, borrow a dress from your mom/aunt/sister/etc. and match me!  Let’s carry Team E to victory 🙂


Prepare for the Animal Farm Test!


I.  Historical Background: 10 questions
II.  Animal Farm characters: 20 questions
III.  Allegory Connections: 15 questions, all short answer
IV.  Reading Comprehension: 15 questions
V.  Vocabulary: 10 questions

Using quotes and examples from the text, please write why you think Animal Farm failed.


Also, here’s your Cat Thursday picture:Image

Prepare for your Animal Farm test on Friday!


Hi everyone, remember that your Animal Farm test is on Friday and it’s going to be tough!  Here is the prompt you will need to answer for Part 2:

You must hand in Part 1 of the test before you may begin Part 2.  Part 2 is OPEN BOOK, OPEN NOTES.  On the back of your answer sheet, you will write why you think Animal Farm failed.  It is probably a good idea to reference what you know about the Russian Revolution/Communist Russia.  It is also probably a good idea to use quotes and example from the book.  There is no set length for your response; write as much as you feel you need to in order to convince me that you know what you are talking about.


Also, we will spend all of tomorrow preparing your cheat sheets for the test.  Come prepared with your notes!




A peasant approached me with this most excellent propaganda he wrote and I thought it was worth sharing.

Russian for Goldfish

The King and Queen
are always so clean
but look at us peasants
so filthy and unpleasant
why can’t you see
we are suffering in pain and agony
we are all dying from disease and starvation
we don’t think we can stand another day in this plantation
just give us our rightful rations of food
no questions and no need to be rude
we have stood behind the Royal family for such a long time
now it is time for us peasants to end this crime
the revolution has just begun
but you can tell by the look on our faces
that it is going to be fun